Welcome to the website of the UK's leading Asian wedding service provider, here you will find out all about us and our services. So who are we and what do we do? Well we are amongst the UK's leading wedding service providers. We provide a range of wedding services to customers throughout the nation. We are a family business and experts at asian weddings and events. Our services consist of wedding and mehndi stage hire, Mandap hire, wedding venue decoration, table and chair dressing, marquee hire, wedding lighting, chocolate fountain hire services and wedding planning. We serve most of the UK and major cities including: Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, London, Stoke and Burton.


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AWS Wedding Stage Services stand as The United Kingdom's chief Indian marraige event services provider, we are located in The Midlands and cater to customers all over the country. We're a primary company comprising of prestige and furniture that are incomparable to our adversaries. Our services cover: Asian wedding backdrops, Specialist Mehndi Stages, Crystal backdrops, Table & chair arrangements, Specialist wedding lighting display, Marquees, Chocolate fondue hire and additional related services. We stock an outstanding array of classy; wedding stage decoration and designs that are available at incredible rates. We have trustworthy employees who will work amongst you throughout your journey to make sure that it commences as comfortably as possible. At Asian Wedding Services; we appreciate that engineering a flawless marriage is particularly formideable so we will be working with you all through your marraige to assure you and your family that all will be looked after. Our employees have over a decade of familiarity in the wedding industry and we remain acclaimed for our competency, personalised services and absolute decor. You may take a look at our unique array of high class wedding collections here. We cover all of the Europe and cover all counties in the UK including Rochdale, Birmingham, St. David's, Plymouth, London, Burton and Manchester. Give us a call today on 07976-800-900 for a no-charge quote. You can also mail us at: info@asianwed.net

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